Win a free hard copy of The Watchman

Posted: May 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are two ways you could own a paperback version of The Watchman.  Firstly, simply read an leave a positive review on the Amazon UK site.  The first reviewer will receive a copy.  Secondly, if you are able to refer 3 other readers to The Watchman and one of those 3 leaves a positive review anywhere (goodreads, Smashwords or or .uk) then you shal also receieve a copy.

Happy reviewing…!

Morning Watch

   I got there and everything was gone.  No bed, no books, no toys.  I wasn’t surprised; just a little annoyed.  If they were going to move everything out of my room couldn’t they have waited until after my morning Watch and time with my books?  Of course now I know that they were changing homes, so it probably wasn’t such a bad thing that all my stuff had gone – but at the time I found the whole thing a little annoying.  I felt no rage.  If Dad hadn’t have been in such a silly mood I would probably have bitten Jake.  I stepped over the boxes and leant on my windowsill to begin my morning Watch.  This is Watch time.  I do this in the mornings, when I come home from school, after tea and before I go to bed.  Nobody can stop me from doing it; I don’t need anyone to help me and nobody bothers me while I’m doing it.  My family understand my Watches – let Adam do it by himself; he doesn’t need any help; it’s something he can do all by himself.  It gives me time to think.  Whilst I’m sat in my window, watching people do what they do, day after day, I can think about important things – dogs, bikes, cars and the sky.  I rarely think of my family – they’re always there anyway so why do I need to think about them during my Watch?  I also think about little things like food and baths.  I sometimes wonder why I look through a window in my spare time when Jake and Joss go out and ride their bikes or play with their friends.  It’s not something that makes me sad or angry, I just wonder why.  Mostly I handle it quite well.  Other times my head becomes really clear and thinking becomes a lot easier.  Then I’m not thinking anymore – I’m worrying.  If I’m in a bad mood or nobody is listening to me, I feel rage.  Normally Mum is on the receiving end of my rage – not because I don’t love her, but because she just shuts her eyes and speaks softly and makes me feel better.  The others hit back and shout at me, especially Jake, but Mum just stands there and says, ‘its ok, sweetheart.  Mummy’s here.’  I never bite her that hard.  I bite Jake as hard as I possibly can.


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