The Watchman is now available in paperback! And free on Smashwords…

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yes!  At last you can own a copy of The Watchman in paperback form poss watman cover


$5.89 (about £4 in British beans)

…and free on Smashwords


Jake and Mum just stood there just chatting. Mum was still crying and bleeding. I wanted to make things better. I wanted to give Mum a hug and let her know that I hadn’t meant it and that it had been a mistake. I wanted everyone to know that I was sorry – and to feel better and to be a little bit happy. I didn’t want to hurt Mum. That wasn’t me. I tried to give Mum a hug but Jake shouted at me.

Adam,” said Jake. “Leave her alone and go to your room – now.”

I ran up to my room. Now I wanted to be on my own. I needed to think about what I’d done and how I was going to make things better.





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