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Mat book cover final resized


1st April will see the release of the first and, almost, last Minor/Major Minus novel

Mat book cover final resized


My new novel will be released via Amazon on 1st April 2014.  Yay!  Checkout my fekkin cool youtube vid!!

What is your book about?

Entice Me is about three women who are living their lives unsatisfied and unfulfilled but are unsure how to break free and live the life they really want. Which begs the question – what do they want from life? It is not until life forces them out of their daily routines that they are forced to discover what the world has to offer. Complication arises when one woman is set out to be the best in the business and when things don’t go her way no one suspects what she will do next.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

Entice Me was created when I had just left a very demanding job that I loved but was treated very poorly. I had never felt fulfilled in any of the jobs I worked in and had spoken to many people who had worked in their careers for decades yet were unfulfilled, they were stuck. I wanted to create Entice Me to hold a motivating message through an entertaining story to not wait for life to force you to change paths, but to think about what are your ultimate dreams in life and each day work towards it.

After writing Entice Me, it seems my life has also changed directions, writing is my dream and at the time I didn’t realise it. I wanted to escape the rat race but I was not sure what I wanted to do. It seems I have been writing and telling stories all my life I just never realised it was my dream career until recently. Now I want more than ever to share with everyone to chase their own dreams. It can be daunting and push you out of your comfort zone to the max, but it is incredibly rewarding.

What makes your book different than others in your genre?

Entice Me is a chick lit novel that pushes the boundaries that this genre would not normally write about. Drama, suspense, eating disorders, fraud and even suicide make this chick lit a book that will have you hooked to your seat wanting to read more.  What makes Entice Me even more compelling are the characters which can relate to anyone in any stage of life.

Who is your favorite writer? Why?

Currently it is Janet Evanovich, I love her characters, her writing style and the fact that I can’t put her books down.

What strange writing rituals do you have?

Now, I write mainly in the evening, so I like to have a cup of herbal tea and something to eat as I sit down and write. For sanity purposes I have a pen and notepad in every room of the house as well as in my bag and in my child’s pram because when I get a thought for a good story or just a conversational piece, I have to write it down as soon as possible.

Is your writing style similar to any well-known writers? If so, which one(s)?

A good chick lit novel is one filled with girly fun and adventure, which is light and entertaining that will leave you smiling throughout the read. Entice Me portrays this and adds even more thrill to your read.

I don’t think I could really compare my writing to any one else’s, as all writers add their own uniqueness and specialty. I would say my story telling is combined with self-help as I want to inspire and send a message through my novels to chase your dreams in life but be sure to have fun on the way.

Who is your Muse?

My motivator is my son. I was writing before he was born but he motivated me to self-publish my novel and become a freelance writer. I love that I am showing my son that I am chasing my dreams and he can too.

What are your hobbies?

Writing! Generally all my spare time is spent on writing and marketing. But I love it. I love spending time at the beach and exploring new adventures and places too.

Does your main character resemble anyone in your family or circle of friends?

Most likely, one cannot help but write about personalities and traits that are known to the person. When my husband and brother read the first two chapters, they said ‘this sounds just like you’. Not that I would ever go around sleeping with strangers in a drunken manner and throw my underwear on their bed (as I am happily married!) but I guess my voice came through the novel, which is great.  Although once the characters where created the story just flowed through me, these characters created their own paths.

How long did it take you to write your book?

Longer than one would appreciate. I spent two years writing Entice Me, when my computer crashed I lost everything except for three chapters. I took four months off, when a friend suggested perhaps it was a sign to start again. Then I rewrote Entice Me again adding in Sally and Mr Perfect to really spice up the storyline. I believe most of the story changed but for the better. Took me another 1 year and a half to write Entice Me again. I was also working full time in another role. I would write in lunch breaks, at night time and on weekends.

What are some writing goals for the future?

My immediate goals are to become an International Best Selling Author. I would love for my novels to be turned into movies. And I will be aiming to write and self-publish some short stories and non-fiction eBooks as well as release my next fiction novel by the end of next year.  My main goal at this stage is to earn a full time living from writing.

If you were stranded on an island which book would you bring with you?

I would be sure to pack a notepad and pen so I could write my own story.

What was the most difficult thing you have learned being a writer?

When writing Entice Me I had to be absolutely focused to finish the novel. Then once I finished it, I had to let go of all my fear of rejections and go out and spread the word to the world about Entice Me.

Entice Me:

Miranda is the top recruitment consultant for Entice Consultancy, working long hours to achieve great results. From the outside she appears to have her life in order as a successful career woman. Yet a jealous rival is determined to do anything to take her down and soon Miranda’s life turns problematical. Grace and Louise both met Miranda through work and lead interesting lives of their own. Grace a free spirit, falls in love with a man that appears to be perfect. When her true love goes missing her world soon falls apart. Louise’s eating disorder is pushed to the limit as is her marriage with Mike. Retirement and a new relationship seem like bliss until one night’s event changes everything. Entice Me is a journey that explores life changing events that forces each woman to rediscover themselves and what they are seeking from life. Meltdowns, break-ups, love and laughter make Entice Me into an entertaining read.


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Entice Me

Name: Dee Doanes

  • Book title(s); The Man With      the Green Suitcase
  • Formats available: eBook—99cents      and paperback $14.99
  • Publication date: July 31,      2012
  • Genre: Paranormal, mystery
  • Book Blurb

What does…


A prostitute

A corrupt businessman and

A disfigured young woman


Have in common with a mysterious, old homeless man who carries a green suitcase?


The old man comes into people’s lives because it is important for them to experience the visions that he is somehow able to show them—visions that even he doesn’t understand. But whoever he connects with will go through a transformation that will change the course of their life, for better or worse. The old man has no memory of who he is or even what the suitcase holds. But one day he will find out all about his own secret and dark past…


This story is magical realism, realistic with paranormal elements, a mystery that needs to be solved, and a man and woman who will finally realize that they were meant to come into each other’s lives and remain forever.


  • Author Bio

Dee Doanes is the author of The Man With the Green Suitcase, her first fiction novel.


She has previously published short stories and poetry. She has a deep passion for writing and has been writing since the age of five.


Doanes has a background in copywriting, communications, and social media.


She’s active in several charities and conducts a youth poetry workshop for the Atlanta Writers Club Youth Writing Camp, and is the former co-chair of the Writing in the Schools Program for Georgia Writers.


Doanes lives in Atlanta,  Georgia and enjoys spending time with her daughter and parents. Doanes’ mother encouraged her to read and to be creative while growing up. In her spare time she enjoys attending writing events and workshops, fitness training, collecting art, world travel, and gourmet cooking.



This astonishing book is written in the voice of Adam, a young man with severe learning difficulties, who is on the verge of adulthood. He’s unable to understand what people are telling him and is also unable to express his own needs, fears and rages to his family. We join them as the family moves away to the country. Adam has his own words for things and can say a handful of words and phrases that only those who know him well can understand. We watch as his relationships with his younger siblings become distant as they outpace him in every way. We also see his parents struggling with his needs and their own. To give Adam some stimulation he is sent to a school where he forms a close relationship with one of the instructors, whom he trusts. Another is aggressive and nasty to him but he’s unable to tell anyone of his fears. His only outlet is violent outbursts.

This book is gripping in its intensity. To begin with we are left guessing at one or two of Adam’s expressions but we get into his world and see it through his eyes. It’s a place where you can’t defend yourself and you can’t understand others. It certainly makes you think about people in this situation and the devastating frustration they must have to face. It’s a book of ups and down, smiles and sadness. I enjoyed reading it hugely.




Another author interview…

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Interview with Matt Langford


Why don’t you begin by sharing a little about yourself.

I’m a 39 year old ICU nurse and sometime author growing older on an almost annual basis.  I have two small children who shout at me rather a lot.  I find shouting back to be of almost no use whatsoever.  But I do it anyway.  My wife is about to return to full-time education in order to complete an MA in social work.  Money and stress will be fighting like pigs for priority.  So what better time to embark on a campaign of authorship?

I like being outside, either on my mountain bike or finding new and interesting places to smoke.  I also enjoy playing the guitar, but other will disagree.   I wrote my first novel in 1998, and as yet only two people have read it.  They haven’t thanked me.  I have written several novels and have plans to write many more.  Hopefully the world will endorse my efforts anytime soon…


Can you tell us a bit about your book, The Watchman?

The Watchman is a literary fiction novel told through the eyes of Adam, a young man with a learning difficulty.  He describes his life from his very enclosed perspective as he comes to terms with the changing dynamics of his family.  His younger siblings grow up and move away, his loving but distant father becomes ever more estranged, and his devoted mother moves closer to implosion on a daily basis.

Adam is an endearing, engaging boy who enjoys very simple needs.  He loves his family and terrorizes them in equal measure.  Especially his brother Jake, a troubled adolescent trying desperately to balance himself after an, at times, criminally led childhood.  But the person who receives the full front of Adam’s unique sense of humor is his Gran, who one Christmas is subjected to a barrage of love, affection and practical jokes.  Yet Adam’s inability to communicate gradually drives an inner rage to the fore, culminating in an horrific breakdown which destroys his family forever.


Why did you decide to write a “coming-of-age” story?

I think the story chose me, to be honest.  I know this sounds corny, but I really feel this is a story that needs to be told.  I grew up with a brother who had a learning difficulty, and to say our relationship was stormy barely touches the surface of how we lived together.  He fascinated me and left me permanently exasperated.  Never have I met a person capable of such class and beauty, yet left me spitting with frustration on a daily basis.  I’ve seen him bring grown men to tears with his effortless charm and unprejudiced affection.  I’ve seen him tame wild, uncontrollable teenagers.  I witnessed a succession of people left stunned by his unique ability to make you feel warmed and special.  But amongst all this he lived with a very short fuse and immersed in sea of frustration.  Most of the time his inability to vocalize went unregarded.  But as he grew older and stronger he found this fundamental difference too hard to bare, and he suffered a breakdown that lasted well into his 20s.  Thankfully he recovered and enjoyed a very happy, fulfilled life until his tragic death in 2009.


You’ve also written a collection of short stories, The Burning Man Prophecies with an eclectic mix of genres. Can you tell us about the stories in that book?

I still haven’t settled on a style or genre I can safely say is ‘the one’ for me.  Maybe I never will.  And The Burning Man Prophecies is testament to my itchy feet.  The opening story, Amelia’s Box, is an out and out horror/nightmare scenario with ghosts and cannibalism at the heart of the plot.  I’ve very little interest in the horror genre.  I’m not altogether sure where the idea came from, but it remains one of my favourites.  The story I enjoy the most is The Mr Benn Paradox (choose your hat), a real twisty turny thriller with deaths and twists all the way.  Again, I wouldn’t say I normally write this type of thing – but the idea struck me and I just had to write it down.

The genre I love the most is dark humor laced into gentle fantasy … taking the very recognisable world around us and adding rules or scenarios that are clearly impossible.  The story that comes closest to this genre is The Rashness of Mr Young, a Christmas fable with blood and bones.

I’m also fascinated with older people’s stories and how they fit into the modern world.  The Carpet Washer and The Star are my favourites, despite not being entirely happy with how they turned out.  Elderly people who contributed more to the world than we will ever begin to appreciate adequately, suddenly left lonely and unvalued in a world driven my phones and money.  It’s a sad, tragic dichotomy and one I’d like to explore again one day.


Do you feel more comfortable writing genre fiction or the more general fiction?

Genre fiction seems to be my preferred choice.  But it all depends on the idea.  I find it difficult to add a category to my work.  When I released the Watchman I trawled Amazon for similar titles to check on their genres for the purposes of categorisation.


Did anything surprise you during the process of writing your books?

I’m surprised at how patient I am in the writing process and at how meticulous I can be.  These are qualities I usually abandon in everyday life.  I’m quite happy to retype and rewrite entire manuscripts, then sit down over a many months and read every word with careful diligence.  In most other areas of my life, however, I’m generally pretty slap-dash and bull-like in my approach.  My wife is confused by my ability to paw over a paragraph for hours on end, yet devote only 3 minutes to the hoovering.


Who has inspired you as an author?

My favorite author is Douglas Adams.  His ability to create a unique, hilarious world and then dismantle it with a single phrase was extraordinary.  The world is a duller place without him.  Graeme Greene is another particular favorite of mine and inspires me create strong characters.  Almost every character he ever wrote was flawed and disastrous on some level.  Yet he managed to convey their qualities with effortless ease.  I’m not quite sure how he did it – the man was a genius.

We are lucky to live in a world filled with talented authors.  Kasuo Ishiguro is one such person.  Sarah Walters is another.  Again, both are able to set off highly explosive character bombs.  Marina Lewycka is another effortlessly brilliant writer.


What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Ride my mountain bike or play my guitar.  Generally though I’m either working as an ICU nurse or covering my ears as my children shout at me.


Are you working on another book?

Several.  I’d like to write a series of dark humor/fantasy novels set in the mythical twin town of Minus, a place at the very heart of GB that you will not find on any maps.  Set either side of mighty river Minus, Major Minus and Minor Minus exist within very different rules of time and physics, allowing the inhabitants all manner of abilities and treats.  The first in the series, Finding Zoe Dawes, is undergoing a final rewrite and will hopefully be released this year.

I also have another complete novel entitles The Honeytree Flock.  This is much more in the mould of The Watchman.  It’s currently being read by a couple of friends to ensure it’s not rubbish.  Which it may well be.  The subject matter is a huge gamble which, I predict, will either be a masterpiece or toilet paper.



Donna Erickson – the interview

Donna Erickson has been a professional writer for over 20 years. Her writing experience includes newspaper and magazine articles, resumes, college application assistance, direct mail, press releases, editing manuscripts for publication, brochures, website content, and advertising copy. Recently, Donna has expanded her services worldwide and has serviced clients outside of the United States.

Donna spent ten years as a feature writer, and has been published in Mariner Publications, South Shore News and the South Shore Baby Journal. Although she now focuses on publishing on the web, her freelance work has appeared in local, national, and international publications.

  • Author Bio

Donna J. Erickson has owned A Flair For Writing (, a professional writing/editing service, for more than 25 years. She is listed in the Marquis Who’s Who of American Woman, Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who in the World; has received an Award for Excellence from Riverside Publishing, and an Over the Top Blog Award from Creative Chronicles. Articles about her company have been featured in The Patriot Ledger, The Enterprise, and Mariner Newspapers. She has been a radio guest on the nationally syndicated program, Dresser After Dark with Mike Dresser, blogtalkradio’s Conversations Live! and on WMSX-AM and WATD-FM.

She is the editor of thirteen published books. Erickson is the author of No-Hassle Publishing: An Author’s Guide to Today’s Changing Industry. She launched a subsidiary, A Flair For Writing – Publishing Services, for self-publishing authors worldwide who want an alternative to vanity presses. The publishing division offers exceptional support and customer service; free promotion to authors; quality services that are in-house, rather than outsourced to foreign countries; a full array of adjunct services; and value pricing.

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Yes!  At last you can own a copy of The Watchman in paperback form poss watman cover


$5.89 (about £4 in British beans)

…and free on Smashwords


Jake and Mum just stood there just chatting. Mum was still crying and bleeding. I wanted to make things better. I wanted to give Mum a hug and let her know that I hadn’t meant it and that it had been a mistake. I wanted everyone to know that I was sorry – and to feel better and to be a little bit happy. I didn’t want to hurt Mum. That wasn’t me. I tried to give Mum a hug but Jake shouted at me.

Adam,” said Jake. “Leave her alone and go to your room – now.”

I ran up to my room. Now I wanted to be on my own. I needed to think about what I’d done and how I was going to make things better.




There are two ways you could own a paperback version of The Watchman.  Firstly, simply read an leave a positive review on the Amazon UK site.  The first reviewer will receive a copy.  Secondly, if you are able to refer 3 other readers to The Watchman and one of those 3 leaves a positive review anywhere (goodreads, Smashwords or or .uk) then you shal also receieve a copy.

Happy reviewing…!

Morning Watch

   I got there and everything was gone.  No bed, no books, no toys.  I wasn’t surprised; just a little annoyed.  If they were going to move everything out of my room couldn’t they have waited until after my morning Watch and time with my books?  Of course now I know that they were changing homes, so it probably wasn’t such a bad thing that all my stuff had gone – but at the time I found the whole thing a little annoying.  I felt no rage.  If Dad hadn’t have been in such a silly mood I would probably have bitten Jake.  I stepped over the boxes and leant on my windowsill to begin my morning Watch.  This is Watch time.  I do this in the mornings, when I come home from school, after tea and before I go to bed.  Nobody can stop me from doing it; I don’t need anyone to help me and nobody bothers me while I’m doing it.  My family understand my Watches – let Adam do it by himself; he doesn’t need any help; it’s something he can do all by himself.  It gives me time to think.  Whilst I’m sat in my window, watching people do what they do, day after day, I can think about important things – dogs, bikes, cars and the sky.  I rarely think of my family – they’re always there anyway so why do I need to think about them during my Watch?  I also think about little things like food and baths.  I sometimes wonder why I look through a window in my spare time when Jake and Joss go out and ride their bikes or play with their friends.  It’s not something that makes me sad or angry, I just wonder why.  Mostly I handle it quite well.  Other times my head becomes really clear and thinking becomes a lot easier.  Then I’m not thinking anymore – I’m worrying.  If I’m in a bad mood or nobody is listening to me, I feel rage.  Normally Mum is on the receiving end of my rage – not because I don’t love her, but because she just shuts her eyes and speaks softly and makes me feel better.  The others hit back and shout at me, especially Jake, but Mum just stands there and says, ‘its ok, sweetheart.  Mummy’s here.’  I never bite her that hard.  I bite Jake as hard as I possibly can.